Oftentimes people like to point to the media and other external factors as the main reasoning behind why their lives are the way that they are.

Obviously I cannot ignore the obvious. The media has a great influence on people, especially when you live in a world where people don’t care to do their research.

The media is especially influential on the youth.

There is definitely a very controlling component to the media.

With that being said, as an adult you have free will. You can do and be anything that you put your mind to, especially in America.


I used to watch reality TV a lot in late middle school and in my early high school years, and then I grew up. I realized after a while that reality TV was just stupid.

Looking back at it now I have no idea how I didn’t realize how fake reality TV was when I was younger.

Come to find out that it’s all scripted.

I have memories of watching Jersey Shore and seeing them get into fights at the club on numerous occasions, and it never occurred to me once why there would be a full camera crew in…

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I cannot stand you “Social Media Warriors.” The people who have twitter fingers when it comes to social injustice.

There are some people out there that really think they are standing up for a cause with a retweet, repost, share, or by talking about it.

They feel like they are truly ambassadors for all the social injustice done towards the black community.

There are really people out here thinking that they’re doing the Lord’s work with a comment or repost, and I for one will not stand for it.

These are the people that feel like they are standing on…

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Why didn’t the black community stand up for the Asian community during their time of injustice? When another minority faced injustice, it made the most sense for the minority groups to stand together.

Why did some black people feel the need to separate themselves from the situation?

This topic might not resonate with the public as much as it did a few months ago, but seeing that this is Asian Heritage Month, and the #stopasianhate is still prevalent I figured why not shed some light on this topic.

Let’s dive into some of the reasons why some people in the…

On this episode of Important Miscellaneous Talks your host Glassford Crossfield talks about Why Nice Guys Finish Last.

On this episode we have guests Carlan Bridge and Lathan Germaine. These guys have gone above and beyond for some women in the past that really didn’t deserve it.

On social media we constantly see how some women fawn over men that have a reputation for mistreating women. It’s actually quite odd.

What makes those situations really unique is that while they’re going after men who have a history of mistreating women, they overlook the good men that are willing to give…

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The podcast is based on a lot of the same interesting, unique, and uncommon topics that we focus on with this blog. If you’re looking for this blog in spoken word, then tune into Important Miscellaneous Talks.

When I was constructing my blog I always felt like these same topics would be a great talking point for a podcast.

Then some people came forward and let me know that if some of these topics were to be made into a group discussion that they would love…

Kevin Samuels is the unequivocal Goat. I have a tendency to be drawn to people that speak their mind in a way that completely disregards the consequences that may follow suit. Kevin Samuels is definitely one of those people.

We will now delve into the reasons why he is the Goat.

He is Giving Black Men a Voice

In this PC world where every little thing has to be said perfectly in order to not offend anyone, it’s refreshing to have a voice like Samuels saying things in the way that he wants.

It is especially refreshing to see a black man on his OWN platform saying…

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America may not be as racist as you think.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, please just hear me out.

Before I start making a case for this, I would like to preface this by saying that there is definitely a strong case for America being much more racist than what the average person thinks

While I have a tendency to go against the norm, I am not blind.

I would just like to implore people to realize that the blogs that I write are to try to help people to understand and sympathize with the opposition.

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People oftentimes love the way “free health care” sounds, but they don’t always take the time to truly understand what that means.

American citizens also like to use the fact that we don’t have free health care as a primary reason why America is behind so many other countries.

I know the concept of free health care sounds pretty black and white. Why wouldn’t someone want any and everybody to have access to health care?

Why doesn’t a well developed country like the United States have free health care like most 1st world countries?

Both sides of these equations are…

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No. While Donald Trump has consistently been in the midst of controversy during his presidency, I still don’t believe that he should have been banned.

One of the biggest reasons why I believe that he shouldn’t have been banned is because I have seen a series of people that have said a number of controversial things on Twitter, and they recieved little to no consequence.

What’s the difference in this case? The fact that he was the President and has great influence?

Does that mean that if you have little to no influence that you can virtually say what you…

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